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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operational_transformation - google wykorzystuje



Brave privacy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brendan_Eich

Context not control.


During summer of 2013, revelations from ex- consultant at [the] NSA Edward Snowden gave proof that [the] NSA willingly inserts backdoors into software, hardware components and published standards. While it is still believed that the mathematics behind ECC (Elliptic-curve cryptography) are still sound and solid, some people (including Bruce Schneier [SCHNEIER]), showed their lack of confidence in NIST-published curves such as nistp256, nistp384, nistp521, for which constant parameters (including the generator point) are defined without explanation. It is also believed that [the] NSA had a word to say in their definition. These curves are not the most secure or fastest possible for their key sizes [DJB], and researchers think it is possible that NSA have ways of cracking NIST curves. It is also interesting to note that SSH belongs to the list of protocols the NSA claims to be able to eavesdrop. Having a secure replacement would make passive attacks much harder if such a backdoor exists.

However an alternative exists in the form of Curve25519. This algorithm has been proposed in 2006 by DJB [Curve25519]. Its main strengths are its speed, its constant-time run time (and resistance against side-channel attacks), and its lack of nebulous hard-coded constants.

Okay. Perhaps there’s some hidden logic there, or perhaps Steve was just trying to motivate Marc. But it was what he said next that made all the difference.

“And one last thing. You need to go build an application economy.”

Well, what’s an application economy? Marc asked.

I don’t know, Steve replied.





  • first class functions
  • higher order functions
  • lexical closure


https://liberprimus.org/ 3301 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cicada_3301



Taylor Gerring


DO you know SGX is bad? Yeah, there were some problems and they got patched finally. I’m a fan of cryptographic based technology like ZKP and MPC, but when dealing with a lot of non critical data, TEE can work pretty well. So in short, it’s the threat model that matters Always, the threat model matters.

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